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  • A $55 annual non-refundable Registration Fee is due upon enrollment of classes for the Fall/Spring season. $35 Registration Fee for additional siblings. 



  • Tuition is charged on the 1st of each month

  • A credit or debit card must be saved on file to the dancer’s account

  • A $25 fee will be charged for a declined payment

  • Tuition is calculated on an annual basis. 

  • Tuition is non-refundable.

  • A written notice must be given before the 15th of the month to cancel classes to not be charged for the following month. 

  • 10% off additional siblings

  • 10% discount on military, fire fighter, and police families

  • ​E-mail us for tuition rates.


Recital & Costume Payments

  • A $65 Costume Fee (per costume) will be charged to the card on file November 15th

  • A $95 Recital Fee will be charged to the card on file February 15th 

  • Costume Fee is non-refundable

  • Recital tickets will be available for purchase in the spring ($15 per ticket)

  • Recital Fee is non-refundable 

  • 10% off Recital Fee for additional siblings. 



  • Dancers must arrive on time and attend class on a regular basis

  • If the dancer misses a class, she has 30 days to makeup the missed class.

  • If a dancer is more than 10-minutes late to the class, the dancer will be counted absent

  • Dancers participating in the recital are not allowed more than 5 absences regardless of makeups. 

  • Dancers participating in the recital are required to attend Dress Rehearsal(s)

  • To receive the “Perfect Attendance” award, dancer must have perfect attendance in ALL classes. Perfect Attendance will be recognized to students who are participating in the recital


  • Branch Out Dance Academy is not responsible for watching over children before or after class time. 

  • Guardians are required to wait with student until class starts.

  • Please do not arrive to the studio more than 15-mintes before your class time

  • Guardians must be on time to pick up students from class. If a guardian is more than 5-minutes late, a $20 child-sitter charge will be charged to the account, and an additional $5 for each minute thereafter. 

  • Guardians are welcome to check in on their child through our watch window. Please be courteous to allow others to use the window as well. 

  • Branch Out Dance Academy is not held liable for any incident or held liable for damages 

  • Branch Out Dance Academy is allowed to use any photographs taken at the studio or affiliated events for advertisement 

  • No gum is allowed

  • No Food or Drinks are allowed in the dance studio room

  • No street shoes are allowed in the dance studio room

  • Please help keep our studio clean and tidy by throwing away your trash. 


Dress Code

  • Dancers must follow dress code to participate in class. 

  • Custom studio leotard must be purchased through us. 

  • How to order studio leotard? Log on to parent portal> Scroll down to Online Store

  • For all other dancewear needs, we recommend you shop at Dorothy's Dance Shop. They have a list of each class with the exact items your dancer will need! Let them know you are with Branch Out Dance Academy for a special discount!

  • Be sure to purchase the correct style of tap shoes. Low quality tap shoes can damage our floors. 

  • Click the button below for a full list of items your dancer will need for class

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